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Life mega™

Hi, I'm not just your travel size buddy; I'm the Life Mega™, delivering all the benefits of Life mini™, but with a size and thickness that'll make you say, 'Whoa, sheet!' Currently, I'm only available overseas, but fear not – I've got plans to set sail across the Pacific soon. Get ready for a mega wiping voyage like no other!


Water(D’eau) Natural Cleanser, You know this one
Hyaluronic acid Natural skin nourisher, Moisturizer
Flat leaf Italian parsley seed extract
Natural skin nourisher, Moisturizer
Low bush blueberry extract
Natural skin nourisher, Moisturizer
Glycerin Natural Humectant
Dipropylene glycol Natural Humectant
Sodium benzoate Food-grade antimicrobial agent
Caprylyl glycol Natural antimicrobial agent
Citric acid Natural pH Balancer
Polysorbate Surfactant agent
Peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil Cleansing agent, Hydration
Delicate fragrance* Sweet lavender
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Life mega™

Product details

Life™ comes with these nifty features:

100% Biodegradability – because we believe in eco-friendly vibes only. Zero harsh chemicals – keeping it as gentle as grandma's hug. Our water goes through a spa day with a micro-filtered sterilized water membrane purification system. Delicate pH balance – because even our wipes deserve a little zen. Hypoallergenic formula – because we want your skin to feel the love, not the drama.

Crafted with a delightful absence of...

Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Dyes, Sls, Phenoxyethanol, Banzalkonium chloride, Lanolin, Triclosan or any sneaky Soap agents.

Because why include them when you can have a wonderful wipes as carefree as a cat on a sunny windowsill?

Dimensions: Meet the squad.

Life mini™ — Good Things Come in Small Packages!

  • Count: 25 sheets per pack, more is always merrier!
  • Pouch: Compact at 5.2"L x 4.5"W x 1.5"H — small but mighty!
  • Sheet: A generous 6.3"L x 8"H, because size matters.
  • Thickness: Weighing in at 58GSM (Grams per Sq Meter*) — just the right amount of fluffiness!

Life mega™ — Where More is Truly Magnificent!

  • Count: A whopping 80 sheets per pack, a grand scale!
  • Pouch: Spacious at 7.2"L x 4.5"W x 5.0"H — big and ready for action!
  • Sheet: A substantial 7.1"W x 8"L, ensuring the right coverage.
  • Thickness: Weighing in at 73 GSM (Grams per Sq Meter*) — the perfect blend of softness and substance!

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