Launching on May 2022

Wipes to a new height

Wipesupreme® Life blends a supreme recipe with quality hygiene sustainability to deliver a distinctively versatile wipe. An enhanced technology formulation from a cGMP Life Science plant with insanely soft 100% biodegradable plant-sourced thread material for a velvety touch and feel. Our wipe will take your daily hygiene routine to the next level.

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Wipes birthed from a spirit of clean and modern functional balance.


Crafted with hypoallergenic recipe

After an in-depth development process, the combination of texture, moisture level, scent and feel is innovatively perfected.

Working with your skin, not against it

Wipesupreme® Life comes with three excellent nutrients for your skin [Hyaluronic Acid, Flat-Leaf Italian Parsley Seed Extract and Lowbush Blueberry Extract] which help provide nutrients to the skin while delivering an ultimate cleanness.

Convenience in mind, versatilely handy

Wipesupreme® Life boasts a beautiful balance between size and functionality.

Fully plant-sourced sustainable thread material

We configured the thread material of Wipesupreme only with 100% plant-sourced, 100% biodegradable, and 100% fully recyclable.

Good for your skin, good for our only planet

Trees are the core source of our thread material. Wipesupreme® proudly partnered with the National Forest Foundation to support caring forests and trees.

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Reviewer Testimony

"Squeaky clean after use which gives me peace of mind!"

by Margaret A.

"The most superior wipe I've ever used."

by Melonie J.

"The wipes are good-sized and feel like a substantial cloth."

by Lin R.

"We were looking for daily wipes, and this is it. Great product!"

by Laurie C.

"Naturally found it to be different from all other Wipes. Everything from a material as well as thickness, function, and fragrance is perfectly coordinated."

by Wipe lunatic

"Hands down the best wipes."

by Stacey T.