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the remarkable CRISPNESS in feeling


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its delicate, yet captivating AROMA

Our wipes contained zero harsh chemicals | used micro-filtered sterilized pure water | developed with natural ingredients | accreditated by¬†prestigious Dermatest¬ģ¬†|¬†100% plant-based fabric¬†|¬†delicate pH balance of 5.0¬†|¬†hypoallergenic formula¬†|¬†ethically tested on humans¬†|¬†eco-friendly

How We Created

Our Daily Wipes

Plastic-Free +

The fabric of our wipes, a triumph of plant-sourced 100% biodegradability, embossed with a luxurious texture that whispers of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Sterilized Water +

Subjected to a 7-step microfiltered hyper membrane purification ritual, elevating the purity of the water to unparalleled heights of sterilization.

Natural Ingredients +

Developed with Hyaluronic Acid, Lowbush Blueberry Extract, Flat-leaf Italian Parsley Seed Extract, and scented with Sweet Lavender, a formula that ensures your skin stays nourished with every use.

Elevated Standard +

Every single wipe undergoes a meticulous metamorphosis to guarantee unflagging safety and matchless efficacy at our cCMP plant.

Crafted from a hypoallergenic and pH-balanced concoction, free of any harsh chemicals, pesticides, ethyl alcohol or soap agents.


Do any queries linger within your mind?

Does it possess antibacterial properties?

Wipesupreme Life harnesses the ultimate harmony of antimicrobial agents in its formula, effectively banishing the most prevalent germs. We steer clear of excessively high levels of ethyl alcohol, which can pose the danger of burns, and abstain from incorporating harsh chemicals that may induce respiratory difficulties with extended exposure.

With whom have we partnered for manufacturing?

At Prostemics, a biotechnology life-science company in Korea, the formulation process has been carried out with meticulous attention to detail at their cutting-edge, current Good Manufacturing Practice-regulated and ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 22716 certified innovative smart robotic plant.

Who are our people?

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