We're Wipesupreme

A team of health enthusiasts challenging and elevating the definition of what a wipe is.

How it started

How it started

The three co-founders, health enthusiasts having studied political science, sociology, and classics believed that developing a better wipe from scratch for a clean life routine was achievable.

How we crafted

How we crafted

With the safest ingredients, 100% eco-friendly sustainable thread counts, well blended dainty scent with the recipe, and an incredibly crisp feel, it all adds up to a beautiful balance between versatility and effectiveness.

Pure water

Pure water

Every wipe goes through a 7-step purification system involving microfiltered and sterilized water.

5μm micro filtration
Effectively control water turbidity | 
Cartridge filters particles greater than 5μm

Carbon filtration
Activated carbon filter used for further contaminant removal 
using chemical absorption

Reverse osmosis membrane
Eliminate 99% organic matter, foreign substance, bacteria through reverse osmosis pressure

Electro deionization
Process of converting hard water to soft water through +/- ion absorption

1st ultra violet sterilization
A device which kills germs by shooting 253.7nm waves

0.2μm micro filtration
Filter out particles which are bigger than 0.2μm

Hyper ultra violet sterilization
Final process of shooting ultra violet rays to rid water of any remaining germs


Life, will elevate your daily clean routine.

✓ Thoughtfully crafting.
✓ Improves your health.
✓ Protecting the planet.
✓ Eco-friendly.
✓ Uniform safety.
✓ Outstanding effectiveness.
✓ Zero harsh chemicals.
✓ Developed with natural ingredients.
✓ Skin stays nourished.
✓ Tested on humans.