Frequently Asked Questions

Does it possess antibacterial properties?

Wipesupreme® Life harnesses the ultimate harmony of antimicrobial agents in its formula, effectively banishing the most prevalent germs. We steer clear of excessively high levels of ethyl alcohol, which can pose the danger of burns, and abstain from incorporating harsh chemicals that may induce respiratory difficulties with extended exposure.

Dermatest® certification, what does it mean?

Dermatest® is an independent dermatological institute located in Germany, providing the highest level of confidence when it comes to skin-related products. Wipesupreme® Life has successfully passed their patch test at an excellent level, verifying the product's hypoallergenic nature. Additionally, we are a wipe brand included in the reference database recommended by this institution.

With whom have we partnered for manufacturing?

At Prostemics, a biotechnology life-science company in Korea, the formulation process has been carried out with meticulous attention to detail at their cutting-edge, current Good Manufacturing Practice-regulated and ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 22716 certified innovative smart robotic plant.

Who are our team?

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Do you harbor further inquiries?

Eagerly at the ready, we stand prepared to attend to your inquiries. Simply click the Help button in the lower corner or send us an email, and we shall swiftly respond with the information you seek.

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