Wipesupreme redefines

the notion of wiping products, offering a healthier and safer experience for both you and the environment.

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Incredible Hand & Body Wipes

Plastic-free, embossed texture, hypoallergenic daily wipes. A versatilely compact and highly adaptable daily essential for all ages, infusing your routine with a refreshing surge of purity. It transforms your everyday cleansing experience into refreshing crispness and rejuvenating freshness.


Key ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, Lowbush blueberry extract, Flat-leaf Italian parsley seed extract, Sweet lavender

100% Biodegradability, eco-friendly
Tested on humans, zero harsh chemicals
Micro-filtered sterilized water, Membrane purification system
Delicate pH balance, hypoallergenic formula 


Water(D’eau) Natural Cleanser, You know this one
Hyaluronic acid Natural skin nourisher, Moisturizer
Flat leaf Italian parsley seed extract
Natural skin nourisher, Moisturizer
Low bush blueberry extract
Natural skin nourisher, Moisturizer
Glycerin Natural Humectant
Dipropylene glycol Natural Humectant
Sodium benzoate Food-grade antimicrobial agent
Caprylyl glycol Natural antimicrobial agent
Citric acid Natural pH Balancer
Polysorbate Surfactant agent
Peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil Cleansing agent, Hydration
Delicate fragrance Sweet lavender

Formulated Without

Sulfates | Phthalates | Parabens
Formaldehyde | Ethyl Alcohol | Dyes
Sls | Phenoxyethanol | Banzalkonium chloride
Lanolin | Triclosan or Soap agents.


Count 25 counts per pack
Pack size 5.2"L X 4.5"W X 1.5"H
Sheet size 7.1"L X 8"H
Thickness 55 GSM (Gram per Sq Meter*)
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Incredible Hand & Body Wipes

Experience the epitome of premium quality with Wipesupreme Life, a wipe that has been highly recommended by Dermatest.

Discover the marvel of Wipesupreme as you delve into the vast reference database of Dermatest.

Embodying environmental consciousness, the silken fibers of the Wipesupreme® thread count are solely derived from plant sources, lending to its 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly composition. To further promote sustainability, Wipesupreme® has joined forces with the National Forest Foundation, committing to the important task of nurturing and rejuvenating forests through the planting of new trees.