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Remarkable crispness. Superior quality. Skin nourishment. Dainty scent. 100% plants. Hypoallergenic. pH-Balanced. Dermatest accredited. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Travel pack.

Hypoallergenic pH balanced recipe

After an in-depth development process, the combination of texture, moisture level, scent and feel is perfected at an innovative Life Science plant.

Fully plant-sourced biodegradable thread cloth

Sustainable wiping experience, providing powerful cleaning while being kind to the planet. We proudly configured the thread material of Wipesupreme with only 100% plant-sourced, 100% biodegradable and 100% fully recyclable thread material.

Convenience in mind, versatilely handy

Wipesupreme Life is a supreme way to help keep your life sustainably healthy and clean. Our wipes boast a beautiful balance between size and functionality.

Working with your skin, not against it

Wipesupreme Life comes with superb nutrients for your skin [Hyaluronic Acid, Flat-Leaf Italian Parsley Seed Extract, and Low bush Blueberry Extract], which helps you retain healthy skin moisture levels while delivering an ultimate clean feel. We delicately scented the wipes with a hint of citrus and lavender to please the senses.

Be first to the new and supreme clean experience.


Questions in mind?

A team of health enthusiasts decided to challenge the definition of what a wipe is. Read more about us @Story.

When we talk about sustainability, it's not just how sustainable our products are.

Wipesupreme uses only cruelty-free meticulous formulations and eco-friendly 100% plant-sourced biodegradable thread materials, good for your skin and kind for the planet.

More importantly, Wipesupreme focuses on directional and philosophical sustainability which is at the core of our belief system. Helping individuals and society as whole stay healthy and thriving in life will always be a driving force as we strive to continually grow over time.

Wipesupreme Life uses the most optimized balance of antimicrobial agents in the formula to wipe away 99% of the most common germs. Wipesupreme Life does not contain high concentrations of ethyl alcohol, which can expose you to the risk of burns, nor do we use harsh chemicals that can cause respiratory problems during prolonged breathing.

The meticulous formulation has been conducted at the cGMP [current good manufacturing practice] regulated and ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 22716 certified innovative robotic plant of Prostemics, Biotechnology Life-science company.

Prostemics: The manufacturer of Wipesupreme.

We are eagerly here to answer all your questions. Just shoot us an email, and we won't keep you waiting too long to hear back from us.


"Squeaky clean after use which gives me peace of mind!"

Margaret A.Customer

"The most superior wipe I've ever used."

Melonie J.Customer

"The wipes are good-sized and feel like a substantial cloth."

Lin R.Customer

"Naturally found it to be different from all other Wipes. Everything from a material as well as thickness, function, and fragrance is perfectly coordinated."

Stacey T.Customer

"We were looking for daily wipes, and this is it. Great product!"

Laurie C.Customer

"Hands down the best wipes." 

Timothy H.Customer

Good for your skin, kind for our planet

With sustainability a significant core value for the company, Wipesupreme® proudly partnered with the National Forest Foundation to support the important work of planting new trees and caring for forests.