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  • August Park

Possibilities measured

Wipesupreme Our Story

One of the prototypes from our early stage.



In the beginning, we had very little knowledge of wipe manufacturing. With the three co-founders having studied Political Science, Sociology, and Classics, it was obvious there would be many unexpected trials and challenges ahead before we reach the development of Wipesupreme Life. However, after discovering the many limitations of existing wipe products, we believed that developing a new wipe made from the 1. safest formula, 2. fully plant-sourced fabrics, and 3. a remarkable feel was possible. 



The first thing we sought out to find was the best wipe masters in the industry. It was an arduous process and took many rigorous months, but it was worth every minute of searching. We ended up meeting first class wipe masters at a prominent wipe company's lab in Korea. In turn, this led us to work partner with a Biotechnology Life Science manufacturing plant, solidifying our goals around developing a safe yet effective recipe using only sustainable fabrics



To develop a new wipe product with a superior formula, we had to reanalyze and reinterpret all possible ingredients from scratch. The process was considerably more challenging than expected. There were two critical goals in the process of reinterpretation. Using only safe and efficient components to achieve a pH-balanced recipe was the first and blending those ingredients in an ideal ratio was the second. 

We removed all harsh chemicals from our preliminary list of ingredients to achieve those goals. In addition to that, we used safe antimicrobial agents in the formula according to the standards set by the FDA. We were able to derive a safe and efficient list of ingredients with a perfectly balanced pH through this keen process. However, to achieve a superior feeling of use from this safe formula combination, the ultimate ideal ratio must be met. 

Above all, it had to be non-slip and leave no unpleasant residue after use. And it had to convey a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and crispness to the skin. Realizing this perfect blending ratio required high precision and repeated testing in various biotechnology environments at our Life Science lab. 


100% PLANT

Wipesupreme strives to help keep the environment continually sustainable and clean while elevating individual and community hygiene to the next great level. We avoided fabrics with synthetic sources and used only 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and 100% plant-sourced thread material to achieve that goal. Furthermore, the Spunlace: Hydrontanglement technology was applied in the processing stage of the fabric to offset the stiffness and rigidity, which is often found in 100% natural nonwoven thread materials obtained from nature. As a result, we were able to combine environmentally (eco) friendly and insanely velvety fabrics with our safe and supreme formula.



Since repeated wiping can make your skin sensitive or dry, effective skin moisture retention and nutrition should be included to prevent this shortcoming. Three Super nutrients among many: Hyaluronic Acid, Low bush blueberry extract, and Flat Leaf Italian parsley seed extract is used in our formula, and through this, we were able to achieve our intended purpose- Wipesupreme can be part of your daily hygiene routine working for your skin and not against it.



Delicately creating a highly refined scent was the final puzzle to make our product superior. We have learned through various tests that there is a high probability of carrying an unpleasant scent in many cases due to the characteristics of the wipes in which water and the folded nonwoven fabric are combined in the pouch.

Sweet Lavender was the one that most sensibly blended in our formula out of the myriad of scents we tested. Applying this scent to the fabric to give it the most delicate yet subtle aroma was another challenging task. As a result, we developed an in-depth formulation with a sweet lavender scent and perfectly achieved soothing effects while coating the smell most daintily. We would not have achieved this result without the help of highly experienced wipe masters due to the level of difficulty in the formulation.


Indeman on Indiegogo

We put this entire thorough and delicate process into a beautiful cream white pack and named it Life. We genuinely believe that Wipesupreme Life will make your life cleanerhealthier, and more sustainable. Would you like to become a supporter of our Indiegogo campaign and beneficiary of the first experience of The Incredible Hand and Body Wipe: Wipesupreme Life?  Click here.